code . - Open visual studio code with the current folder open
code --list-extensions - Lists the extensions that have been installed.
cmd+shift+p - Command Palette
cmd+p - Navigate to file
cmd+p ? - List actions available
cmd+shift+o - Symbol palette
cmd+p # - Find symbol by name
cmd+shift+m - Show Errors
cmd+shift+n - New instance of Visual Studio Code
cmd+n - New file
cmd+\ - Split editor
cmd+B - Toggle sidebar
cmd+space - get intellisense
alt+up arrow - move line up
alt+down arrow - move line down
F8 - Go to next error or warning
F12 - Go to definition
alt+F12 - Peek definition
shift+F12 - Find all references
cmd+F12 - Change all occurences
click+alt - Multiple cursors
F2 - Rename symbol in all files
F5 - Start debugging
F10 - Step over
F11 - Step into
shift+F11 - Step out
shift+F5 - stop


  • List members
  • Parameter info
  • Quick info
  • Complete Word

List members

List of valid members after you type a . if you continue to type after the list has bee displayd the list is filtered.

Parameter info

Information about the parameters a mehtod expects.

Quick info

Explains what a method does.

Complete Word

Can complete a variable/member name after enough charaters have been typed to make it disambiguous.

Install paths

Note - These are all for the osx.

User settings file - ~/Application Support/Code/User/Settings.json