Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code is where you describe your infrastructure using a declarative human readable language stored in configuration files.

This allows you to create a blueprint for your infrastructure that you can:

  • Version
  • Share
  • Reuse

This provides the benefits of a systems infrastructure being:

  • managed via configuration files
  • able to consitently created
  • versions
  • described
  • able to create multiple version of the infrastructure

Infrastructure Lifecycle

  • Day 0
  • Day 1

Day 0

Code to provision and configure your initial infrastructure.

Day 1

OS and application configuration you apply after you have initialy built your infrastructure.

How does Terraform fit

Terraform is an IaC tool that provides the following:

  • It’s own declarative definition language
  • The ability to target multiple platforms
  • State management

Terraform Basics

HashiCorp defines the followin Terraform workflow:

  • Scope Identification of the infrastructure needed for a project.
  • Autor Write the configuration fot the infrastructure.
  • Initialize Install the plugins Terraform needs to manage the infrastrcuture.
  • Plan Preview changes terraform will make to match the configuration.
  • Apply Make the planned changes.


Are pluggins that allow terraform to interact with cloud platforms and service via their api